Collect and analyze

ThingSpeak is an open data platform for the internet of things I've chosen to collect and analyze Squirrel Feeder data. Sensor data is send to the cloud which then can be visualized easily.


For the first time I'm using a service offered by The MathWorks Inc. who are well known for their MATLAB and Simulink software packages. So I'm curious to learn what tools are available to understand relationships in data.

The first graph shown is a plot of the environmental temperature measured at the Squirrel Cafe. The temperature is pushed at a frequency of 5 minutes to ThingSpeak cloud. The second plot shows how many nuts have been chowed down. Whenever the lid is closed for a period of 180 secs the nut counter resets to 0. The third diagram gives you an idea of the eating speed which is calculated in "Nuts per minute [npm]".


If the data of the following diagrams isn't displayed correctly, reload the webpage please.

Outside temperature

Nut consumption

Nut consumption speed